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Follow up from Boost Leak

StevieBogan Dec 18, 2004

  1. StevieBogan

    StevieBogan Member

    Lads (and ladetts),

    recently I have been getting boared with my S3. Thinking I had been getting ust to the power, as you do.

    I have however allways had a small deposit of oil at the left hand side of the throttle body.

    It turns out that I have had a split pipe for some time, only getting really bad lately, which has been causing poor performance / mpg / lag.

    Andy has kindly pointed out that this small U pipe is a common failure and can be rectified with a Samco 135 Deg pipe (13mm) at around £13.00 +P&P.

    I fitted it today and cant believe the difference. Had the car for almost 2years and its never gone as good as its going at the moment. (now I believe the people who say you can light 4tyres!)

    So, if you are experiencing any of the following, I suggest you take a look at this little pipe.

    1) Lag (but lots of wooshing noise from outside)
    2) Poor MPG
    3) Boost dropping off early in the rev range.
    4) Oily deposit at the left of the throttle body. (see OIL BOOST LEAK thread for pics)

    Hope this has been of help and thanks again Andy.

    I'm away oot to play in my new found toy again!

    Stevie /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif
  2. StevieBogan

    StevieBogan Member

    Yes Mate,

    so you did. Sorry I forgot you posted info too.

    Thanks alot mate, the car is amazing now. To think I was almost selling it last week! Not, I cant keep my **** out it!

    The 17mpg average may give some idea of how much fun I'm having in it at the moment!


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