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Folding wing mirror issues

Harveysmith Nov 20, 2013

  1. Harveysmith

    Harveysmith Member

    Hi guys

    having issues with my wing mirrors, not long had the S3 and just noticed that on the wing mirror control I have a function to fold the mirrors in...when you turn the knob 90 degrees to the fold signal only the drivers side folds....some times...it's very hit and miss, sometimes it doesn't go back and you have to fiddle with it! Both mirrors adjustment works fine all the time.

    my question is this...is it normal for the drivers side only to fold? Should both both fold?should they fold when you lock the car or only with the knob function? What could be the cause of the above issue if not normal?

    any help would be great
  2. Lewis583

    Lewis583 Active Member VCDS Map User

    They should both fold when the control is turned to the fold position.

    They do not fold automatically when you lock the car, only manually using the control. Though if I remember correctly, retrofit king NHN did have a go at creating a circuit to automatically fold the mirrors on locking, but I'm not sure how successful he was.

    I do sometimes have some niggles with mine. Sometimes they don't do as they are told (Not folding/not opening/only one opens) but a bit of a faff with the control and they come back to normal operation.

    You may have a duff motor in the non working side. Scanned with VCDS for fault codes? Only way to check is to see if an output test is available with VCDS, failing that you are getting into the realms of checking for feeds/earths/signals to the motor.
  3. wanton

    wanton Member

    Both should fold and unfold together. They only fold with the button. I believe there are threds on here where people have tried to get the mirrors to fold when ignition is off and open when ignition is on but I don't know if anyone has managed to do it.
  4. A3Kent

    A3Kent Well-Known Member

    Ash187 has his so that they fold on lock and unfold on unlock. It's a custom wiring job, and an not easy one judging by what Ash said to me.

    Sounds like you need to get a VCDS scan done to see if your door modules are bringing up any errors.

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