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Folding mirrors

MSurgenor Jun 16, 2013

  1. MSurgenor

    MSurgenor New Member

    I've Googled everywhere for a solution to this problem. I see others who have had a similar problem but no-one who has solved it - other than by replacing the whole units, and i'm convinced it's not as complicated as that.

    I came back to my car in a car park to find the drivers door mirror bent back on itself - i.e. angled more towards the front wing of the car than the driver's door / rear. I wasn't able to move it with the ignition off but once the engine was started I could move it freely (very or too freely I think!) into the 'proper' position.

    However, the car has the folding mirrors option. Now, if I move the knob in between the front seats to the '06:30' position the mirrors just fold in and out continually without ever stopping! They fold in until they're parallel with the door and then immediately without stopping back through 180 degrees until they are parallel with the wing (and then back again ad infinitum)!

    The only way to stop this is to switch the mirror adjustment knob back to the 'midnight' position and then adjust the mirror housings manually to get them from which ever position they happened to stop at, back into the proper position.

    I read aftwerwards in the car's handbook that; "If one of the mirror housings is knocked out of position (e.g. when parking), the mirrors must first be fully retracted with the electric control. Do not readjust the mirror housing by hand as this will interfere with the mirror adjuster function."

    Of course not having read the manual that's exactly what I did - adjusted it by hand. Trouble the manual doesn't then state how to reset them.

    Any ideas what's gone wrong and how this can be fixed please?

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