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Fog lights!

Les 51 Mar 14, 2007

  1. Les 51

    Les 51 A pint of Diesel please!

    I was driving home last night about 7pm on the A14 (know it?lol) and there in the outside lane doing a gentle 55mph was an old Festa with it's fog lights on!!!! it was a lovely clear evening the roads were clear,so what is it with people? Can they not see that not only do they look complete twats but it's bloody dangerous!
    Anyway as I went by on the inside I gave him the usual hello you give idoiots then a nice faceful of foglights just to let him know.
    Do you realise he still had them on when I turned off later!!:keule:
    I think it's about time manufacturers had to put a bloody great light in the middle of the speedo that lit up like a beacon when you have them on .
    Or am I just being stupid? (again:) )
  2. Caesium

    Caesium My BM is fixed! VCDS Map User

    There used to be something you could do about this on the old Escort mk2 I owned, it was called a "******* light" which was basically a strategically positioned and aimed spot lamp below the rear bumper which you could flick on to shine right in the eyes of a pursuing fog light offender, normally accompanied by the shout of "*******" to the offender.
    This light also doubled up as a handy reversing light.
  3. Road Razor

    Road Razor Member

    What I tend to see more often are cars with only one headlamp that works. It makes me wonder do they even notice that one of their headlamps have gone that needs replacing?? Or perhaps its just down to laziness or they don't care. I was amused the other day when I saw a Pug with only its left headlamp working and right foglight working.
  4. Caesium

    Caesium My BM is fixed! VCDS Map User

    Hopefully those twats will end up in a hedge.
  5. Stringster

    Stringster Missed gear

    Gets even worse when it is a 4x4 with halogen lights and fog lights on driving a few feet behind you...
  6. Boydie

    Boydie Guest

    i too have noticed that a lot this winter with the one headlight working

    my flat mate is the worst - i think his headlight has been out nearly over a year! and still hasnt replaced it!

    fogs **** me off big time! i usually blind them with the full beam
  7. Lowlife

    Lowlife German Hardcore

    Hmmmm, wasn't my brother was it? :)
  8. joost

    joost Active Member

    Not sure whether his is the same everywhere else but around my way, all the culprits seem to drive French cars. Usually with one or more lights out.
  9. L1 HCS

    L1 HCS Active Member

    Funny you should mention french cars Joost, the Megane I was driving behind yesterday had his reverse lights on!!
  10. shineydave

    shineydave Member

    the only use for fog lights is to indicate to other motorists that the driver of the car is too stupid to operate a light switch.

    front fogs, now they should only be used in fog or snow, i'm guessing most people haven't figured out that to benefit from the lights you shouldn't have your headlights on as the fogs design is such that since they are lower down the light isn't reflected back into the drivers face. put the headlights on and the headlights reflect back so having both on is a nuisance to other road users and no benefit to the driver.

    as for rear fogs, well there's nothing worse than being sat in traffic behind someone with them blazing away, there's absolutely no chance of them being used correctly in that they're there to stop people running into the back of you. they'll probably have the reverse effect since we won't be able to see the brake lights for the dazzle.

    maybe i'm a tad anal but i check my lights about twice a month when i check my tyre pressures and top everything up, it's easy enough to check them anyway when you reverse up to something. i tend to think that if people don't care about lights what else don't they care about, brakes? tyres? insurance?, who knows.

    and the other favourite, putting brake lamp bulbs in the wrong way round so the brake element is lit all the time.

    and off topic but why the f**k is it so hard for some people to indicate???
    for christs sake, the stalk is right there by your hand, use the damn thing, it might just stop you having an accident.

    oh i'm in a mood now, think it's time for a new thread
  11. scrupes

    scrupes bloody great extension bodger

    chill out Dave.... i know exactly what you mean m8! the amount of vehicles i spot with lights not working properly! the best was a transit tipper with concrete all over the back lamps!!!! Dozy twunt! if it werent for a reflective strip of tape on the back of the truck I'd deffo have crashed that night
  12. Geordie Mike

    Geordie Mike Yeee-haw

    Isn't viz great!:icon_thumright:
  13. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    Chris has got the right idea!!!

    in my mini i run a white bulb behind a clear lense in teh fog light position! whenever anyone annoys me, i just flick on the white rear facing light!

    just whacka red bulb in there every year for the MOT.

    that said, i had some IDIOT following me down the A38 the other day, tailgating me, with his fog lights in the lower bumper on, blinding me a treat.

    i tried flashing my fog light on and off several times, and dabbing the brakes and everything to make him pull back/switch off his lights.

    i was in two minds if i should floor it away, or pul over and let him past.

    for some reason i went with the later, pulled into the slow lane, and away he went.

    it was only a sodding police vectra!!!!

    you would expect that rubbish from some idiot, but not a police car, i guess he was trying to push me on faster so book me or something. either way, not impresed!

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