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Fog Lights

necroeire Mar 7, 2005

  1. necroeire

    necroeire Active Member

    For some reason my car didn't come with factory Fogs, so what's your advice.

    1) Go for the standard lights from VAGParts
    2) Get aftermarket lights with LED's

    If anyone has retrofitted, any trouble with them, any advice?

    What about wiring, is there wiring already there or will I have to run cables and select relays, fuses etc..?

  2. MickA3

    MickA3 Member

    I put a VAGparts post fit kit onto my A3- it was really easy- they supply the fogs/ the black plastic surrounds to house the fogs and the screws....all you need then is a generic fog light wiring kit from eg Halfords - if your lucky your car might be pre-wired but if not its dead easy to route the wires- just take out your glovebox (there is a hole in the bulk head behind it)and on the engine side get a mate to push the wires through to you on the inside....then the last thing is to hook up a toggle switch hidden away from view to operate the lamps (well thats what i did anyway!)....

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