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fog lights- post fit

MickA3 Oct 26, 2004

  1. MickA3

    MickA3 Member

    where can i get fog lights (entire kit- everything needed) in order to fit them onto a 2001 1.6 Ambiente- anybody done this?? how easy/ difficult is it?? Thanks!!
  2. rickparmar

    rickparmar Active Member

    its 2 expensive 4 me ne way
  3. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

  4. james_suckling

    james_suckling Member

    Bought my kit from VAG Parts. Although the kit advertised is for the pre facelift cars, they also do a kit for the post facelift cars if you ask. From memory this was around £150 -ish! Then bought standard foglight loom from Halfords, some plugs from Audi. After some solder and a roll of looming tape, you've got a full, standard looking set up.

    I didn't bother with the new OE switch as this would be another £50, so I just put a small, normal switch, hidden from view, in the cubby hole on the right of the steering wheel. When the fog lights are not on, you cant tell there is a switch there, when you turn them on, the cubby glows red becuase of the led in the switch.

    Was really easy to do, the hardest part was routing the wire in through the bulkhead, but even that only took 30 mins.

    If you want any help with it, drop me a line

  5. i'm gonna be tryin this in the next couple of weeks, got all the parts, just need the time to have a go at it.

    x50jas: could you tell me where you've routed the cables through the bulkhead? coz i've had a look and that seems the trickiest part.

    also did you put the relay in the relay box (behind the air intake box on my tdi), or mount it elsewhere?

  6. MickA3

    MickA3 Member

    X50JAS: Thanks! Probably going to go ahead with that set up- have to wait till next month though- buying RS4 wheels saturday- will drop ya a line when doing it- thanks for the help-appreciate it!!

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