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Fog light help - Removal

BradHatton Nov 10, 2012

  1. BradHatton

    BradHatton Member


    I am removing my fog lights to tint.

    I have undone the torx and got the lights out the bumper, but the wiring is holding them in.

    Do I simply tug at it until it comes apart, or is it a clip etc?
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  2. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    Brad - please research your work before you start ! The Audi wiring plugs/sockets have a key locking system that needs a small screwdriver to release a tab before you can pull them apart.

    You didn't even know how to remove the side repeaters which doesn't take any knowledge at all !

    Do you have any experience with working on cars because, if you don't, then an Audi is not the best marque to learn on.

    Please ask questions before you start any project so that you won't end up in the mire !

    Why do you want to tint foglights anyway ?
  3. BradHatton

    BradHatton Member


    Done.. Thanks for that Mike.
  4. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    I see from the photo a can of lager saying 'happy 18th'. Congratulations

    Still don't understand why you would want to tint fogs. Am I right in thinking you're not bothered about the efficiency when required, rather than the looks in daylight ?
  5. BradHatton

    BradHatton Member

    That was 8 months ago, but thankyou.

    I just want the entire front end subtly smoked to give it a more aggressive look, I have never really found my fogs particularly effective and a lot of cars come without fogs, so I'm sure I will live with them slightly tinted. The film hardly effects light output.

    And in regard to your previous comment, I have not done engine conversions or re-assembled cars, no.
    But the odd little jobs like these I know I can manage myself therefore have a go at. I altered all of the lighting on my previous car without a problem and the only reason I ask is to be safe, ensure I don't pull something apart etc.

    I ask for re-assurance generally, not entirely because I'm a dim wit!
  6. grr666

    grr666 Member

    I'm new to Audisport as well but not new to forums.
    I'm about 4000 posts in on my other forum, when I started asking questions
    on there I wasn't met with anything other than genuine helpful guys.
    Even though I was asking questions that they had all heard before,
    and a complete noob.

    Been on there nearly 4 years now and don't even own the car anymore
    but I still look in there more often than most and spend lots of time helping
    the new guys where I can. Isn't that the whole point of forums?

    After having done most of the popular mods to my last car, I found I was almost
    as knowlegeable as some of the others on the site and to this day answer questions
    from noobs who are new to the car. I remember the first time a question came
    up that I could answer. I was so excited to be able to contribute on that occasion.
    Gradually I found I was learning more and more and so could help more and more
    But, you've got to start somewhere.

    I posted a thread on here a few days ago asking for some help about RNSE upgrades that are
    retro do-able and have had no real useful replies at all.
    If I'd asked the same questions on my other forum, within about an hour
    I'd have had all the information I'd enquired about and maybe even a couple of offers
    from other members to come and help me.

    My RNSE topic on here has been bounced off the bottom of the board after a few days,
    the only person who posted was trying to sell me something, no useful help
    linked to my questions has been offered to date. Kind of wishing I hadn't bothered.
    I'm so happy to have upgraded to an Audi, but the lack of help is making my enthusiasm
    wane a bit. There's so much I want to do with this car, but I don't know where to start
    or even if some of it is possible without any help from some of you old hands.

    My first impressions of this forum aren't fantastic if my early experiences are
    anything to go by. You only usually join one because you want to learn or
    socialise. I've only learned what I have so far from using the search/google
    Perhaps I'm expecting too much, I don't know?

    I've just bought my Audi, I'm itching to personalise
    improve and modify it, what's more help or no help I'll do just that.
    But it would be easier and probably cheaper if I had some insider info from those
    who have already done/can help me do those things. What's more I'd rather hand money
    over to other members for their help than hand it over to Audi.

    Anyway, back on topic. I am interested in doing something similar with my rear lights.
    I'm going to give it a go today. I've worked out for myself how to remove them and it
    gives me something to do today. I'll take some pics as I go.
  7. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    No need for a 'rant' like that ! By replying to your rant I have 'bumped' your thread back to the top for you !!

    There are so many threads on this forum about mods, rnse etc that all you need to do is search and you will find loads of info.

    Members on here always respond more favourably if you have made an effort to find what you want first. If after searching you don't find what you need then you can always ask the questions.

    I hope that in the future you will be able to look back at your post and feel that perhaps it was a bit premature to start having a go at members just because you did not get the replies you expected.
  8. BradHatton

    BradHatton Member

    Lets keep this clean, nobody is having a go at anybody.. Everyone chill.

    I have the answers I was looking for, so thanks for the help :)

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