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fob problem :( Anyone got a cheap audi 3 button fob part number HL0 8P0 837 231

Geah May 2, 2014

  1. Geah

    Geah Member

    im having fob problems with my a3 key ive got 0 faults in vcds all micro switches work fine ive replaced all 3 buttons , new Duracell battery recoded the fob with vcds basicly the fob locks / unlocks the car every time but i have too press it 10 to 20 times on lock or unlock so i could do with a cheap fob incase its not that so if you have one from an old car etc it will earn you some beer tokens :sm4:

    Part Number

    HL0 8P0 837 231

    434 MHZ

    3 Button older style same as this

  2. milkyjoe01

    milkyjoe01 Member

    Did u ever find a resolution to your key fob problem because I am experiencing the same issue on my 2004 A3!

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