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Foam Lance Question

Skip Jun 16, 2009

  1. Skip

    Skip New Member

    Morning All,

    After reading up on car cleaning and having my audi detailed for the first time I decided to invest in a foam lance and snow foam.

    I went for a Karcher foam lance and Valet Pro pH neutral snow foam. I have to say I’ve been impressed with the results, making cleaning my car much easier.

    However I now have a dilemma, should I invest in an HD foam lance?

    I see from a number of sites that the coverage with one of these appears to be much thicker and therefore, I assume, better.

    It’s only for home use so was wondering what people thought about the extra outlay for one of these. is it worth it?

    Comments appreciated:salute:
  2. acprc

    acprc Member


    Hopefully I can help as I have owned both the Karcher and HD lance. The Karcher lance does work well and produces foam that will stick to the car. However, for me the whole point of the foam gun is to produce foam that is thick and dwells on the car for a longer period. I switched to the HD lance recently and I have to say that it is superb. I use Megs Hyper wash in it and it produces a very thick foam that lasts for about 10 mins before sliding off the car. The foam is so thick that I don't know the colour of the car! This gives plenty of time for it to work and me to prep my two wash buckets etc. I then jetwash off the foam residue, use Megs APC on trim, badges etc with a Megs detailing brush and then wash as normal.

    There is a lot of talk on forums such as detailing world about foam guns and the prices etc but in my opinion the HD lance is better than the Karcher at doing what I want it to do, spray thick foam onto the car and keep it there long enough to work. I use it for family and friends only and price is always an issue but that is a choice only you can make.

    Hope that helps.


    P.s Polished Bliss supplied mine, always good service.
  3. A3Tom

    A3Tom Smell my finger.

    As above really.

    I had the yellow Karcher one and it was pretty tame at getting a decent layer of foam onto the car.

    I have the HD foam lance now and its brilliant. Its really well made too so you know its going to last which is good considering it costs 50 quid (worth it though).

    I have the same snowfoam as you and find an inch in the bottom of the foam lance bottle topped up with hot water produces a really good thick foam that clings really well. Its more than enough to do a car and chuck on a couple of layers of foam.

    It totally covers the car so you cant see any of it really....just looks like an A3 shape cake with icing on it!.


    Buy one :) I got mine from Cleanyourcar.co.uk - very fast delivery :)
  4. Skip

    Skip New Member

    Thanks for the response guys, exactly what I was after. Seems like i'll be splashing out on a new HD foam lance.

    Thanks again:thumbsup:
  5. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!! VCDS Map User

    yup HD all the way, get over to detailingworld.co.uk, there was a group buy for a HD lance and 10 litres of foam for £55 inc post....i have one and its top quality

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