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fmic and standard inter coolers

kek700 Aug 18, 2009

  1. kek700

    kek700 New Member

    Does anyone know if it is possible to have a FMIC and use the two standard fit Inter coolers. or is there a reason for removing the two standard inter coolers when fitting a FMIC ??? :blink:
  2. g10chy

    g10chy Member

    I thinks its simply down to the space available behind the bonnet.
  3. emery1990

    emery1990 Active Member

    and far less complicated to remove the two smic rather than getting them involved.
  4. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    How much power are you using ? A fmic is good enough but I know of one a couple who have used a smic as well.

    Oh and Hello and welcome to the site
  5. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    Can't see why you would want to when a decent FMIC exceeds the capabilities of the SMICs. Keeping them introduces more potential for boost leaks, possible pressure drop, increased lag and pipework would be pretty tight to connect it all together.

    What turbo/power you planning on running? If you are using a K04 with a stage 1 remap then a Forge/AH Fabs/eBay cooler will do a much better job than the SMICs as the K04 will generate much more heat the more boost you try and use with it...

    On certain big turbo combos its entirely possible to use the SMICs as the turbo would be running less boost to produce more power and thus less heat unless you really go to town and have all the engine mods and run much higher boost of course.

    Ess_Three ran a modified single side mount with his front mount but there was no real measurable advantage over running this combo over just the FMIC.

    Loads of FMIC info here (with pics)

    Personally, get an AH Fabs or Forge FMIC and bin the SMICs...

    (oh and you will need to remove the SMICs anyway as the pipes won't fit)

  6. Olly P

    Olly P My other cars a mk2 Golf GTi

    I suppose you could use one of the smic's for a cold air feed into the air box?
  7. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    No real advantage...and the piping is a bit small.

    What you can do though, is use the space that the standard SMIC and pipework used to need, to fit a 100mm duct into the airbox, from the high pressure area behind the bumper where the SMIC used to sit.

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