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FMIC and N75 H fitted

S3_Jack Jul 21, 2007

  1. S3_Jack

    S3_Jack New Member

    Hi guys,
    Between last night and this morning I fitted my FMIC and N75 H valve on my S3,I realise I will have to check the fuelling,boost and temps,is there anyway of doing this with vagcom,I'm not so clued up with vagcom,I've only usued it a few times so any pointers would be much appreciated.I've read else where that you can check each cylinder with vagcom to see if it's retarding the timing and that gives an idea if it runnig too hot ??????
    As I say I'm not to sure !!!!!
  2. s3ollie

    s3ollie Member

    on your vagcom click select Module then engine, in the engine screen click measure blocks. then on this screen you can see different reading from various sensors. use the up and down key to move from block to block.
    I don't know what block you need but most have a small label underneath to say what it is.
    You can only measure the first 25 blocks with the free version so the blocks you need maybe higher

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