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FMCL007P Diverter Valve Refurbishment

AndyS3 Dec 18, 2004

  1. AndyS3

    AndyS3 Member

    Dropped Forge a email asking whether they did a refurbisment kit for my diverter valve and the reply was.

    [ QUOTE ]

    If you E mail me your delivery address I will have one sent to you free of charge


    Peter Miles

    Forge Motorsport

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Very impressed with the responce. The kit included 2 new O-rings, a bag of grease and a new aluminum insert. The aluminum insert seems a wee bit bigger than the original and is a tighter fit or maybe is just the new O-rings that make it seem that way. The car is now going excellent no more surging or not holding boost.

    Well done to Forge

  2. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    Can't really get better than that for service! Nice one.

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