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Flywheel problem?

Jayy26 Feb 23, 2013

  1. Jayy26

    Jayy26 Member

    just spoke to my cousin who is looking at my car at the moment and he seems to think the flywheel has gone because when you put it in first it "it bounces" ive never noticed it bounce but seems to cling as such and grabs the gear and tried to slowly climp when in first and then it takes quite a tug to pull it out off gear..any ideas?
    Also how much are people paying for a flywheel?
    and while thats out how much woudl the clutch be?
    i found on euro car parts luk flywheel and sachs clutch and can get them for 400ish pound or would it be ideal to go down the solid conversion route which is the same price.
    Also if im spending that money have i might aswell up grade it then get a remap?

  2. Rodney5950

    Rodney5950 Member

    i just replaced the flywheel on my 2.0tdi with the one from europarts, my car was juddering and sounded louder than usual, it would quieten down when you clutch in and it was struggling to pick up speed again if i turned a corner in 3rd, now a lot smoother, quieter and no more shuddering

    I got one from Europarts cheap but i regret not waiting a little longer and getting one from Darkside, its good if youre going to tune your car
  3. Jayy26

    Jayy26 Member

    i looked at ECP aswell and its always been like it since i brought it so i fort it was normal and mine just tried climbing in first gear then wouldnt come out to neutral easily at all! how much were you looking at from darkside? i had a look and there a shed load!

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