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  1. Any fleet managers out there??

    Have just inherited management of the company fleet.. Along with a brief from the MD to revise the car policy completely.. in the next two weeks, with new price break points for different grades, possibly reduce the range of vehicles available to choose from, give new guidance on maximum CO2 levels etc etc etc

    Bearing in mind we don’t lease anything, they are all purchased outright..

    And given that we have an entire dept of people who work on sustainability, regeneration etc, the more ‘green’ we are, the better..

    We have a real mixture of cars:

    BMW 320d touring
    SAAB 9-3 conv.
    3 x Toyota Prius hybrid
    2 xToyota Corrola 2.0d
    Toyota Avensis 1.8 T3
    Mazda 6 2.0d
    2 x Mazda 3 1.6d
    Rover 75 tourer
    Rover 75 saloon
    3 x Rover 25 2.0td
    1 x Rover 45 2.0td
    Audi A6 1.9tdi SE
    Audi A4 1.9tdi Sport
    Audi A3 1.9tdi
    Volvo V50 2.0d
    3 xSeat Leon 1.9tdi
    Seat Altea 1.9tdi
    Renault Megane coupe 2.0
    Mitsubishi L200 Animal 2.5tdi

    We do want to introduce a better ‘consistency’, and reduce the manufacturers available to staff.

    BMW, Audi – top depreciation figures, but expensive in the first place
    Rover – dead now, yippee
    Seat – seem to be a fair balance of reliability (so far) and cost – likely to remain in the shortlist I think, especially at the lower levels
    Toyota and Mazda have all been ok.. bland image among staff though
    Etc etc

    Why should we continue to pay a premium for Audi / BMW – I need to justify this in detail
    Why do we not buy Ford/Vauxhall, given they are the most successful fleet motors – again, ‘cos theyre nasty’ isn’t going to cut it.

    I am only just starting this – have a mountain of documentation to plough through – am looking for a consistent authoritative source of data re: ppm running costs, depreciation etc etc. I have a magazine called ‘the cost’ – but I dispute some of the figures – for example it reckons a 4yr old 80000 mile BMW 320dSE touring 6pd EiV will be worth just £6800.. Whereas a quick scout on Autotrader puts this nearer £10,500! I am a little dubious as to what figures to trust..

    I cant be the only one doing this kind of research – can anyone help with sources, justifications?! I would love to be able to justify Audi, but have to be professional about it!!
  2. DaveACQ20v

    DaveACQ20v Member

    The Government's Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) publishes a booklet of virtually all models on sale in the UK, twice a year.This lists the "official" fuel consumption in both metric and imperial formats. It also lists the emissions of a number of pollutants.The principal one for fleet operators is the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions figure, but noise and emissions of local air pollutants such as carbon monoxide are listed as well.This data is taken from carefully controlled tests of specimen vehicles, and provides a basis of comparing vehicles against each other.

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