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Flat bottom steering wheel ???

AARON77 Jun 15, 2011

  1. AARON77

    AARON77 Well-Known Member

    Has anybody fitted a flat bottom wheel out of an 8p s3 ????
    Is it possible
  2. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    It will fit but the airbags wont work...they are 2 stage,,, 8Ls are single stage, plus there bloody expensive :(
  3. Chlippo

    Chlippo Member

    How about a similar steering wheel with audio controls? ( i think the A4 got one like that...ive seen it but dont remember what car)
  4. AJC

    AJC 3rd Gear

    Give Hazzy Dayz a call. They have fitted several of these wheels now and modify the loom so that the two stage airbag will work perfectly with the 8L. I'm having one fitted in the next few weeks so can post pics and comments if you like. Several people have rightly said they were concerned that the 2 stage airbag would not work on the 8L. According to Hazzy Dayz the 8P has two sensors that can fire the airbag whereas the 8L only has one. They bypass this second sensor input so that the airbag will work perfectly off just the one sensor and are considering posting a video of one in action on YouTube to convince potential customers. Not cheap though and I'm guessing many will be put off spending this amount on an 8L.

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