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Flat Battery

shorty Oct 19, 2008

  1. shorty

    shorty New Member

    Hey all,
    hows this for an introduction to a new forum.. 1st post and ive a problem! :(

    Had my '00 S3 for two days now and so far all has been excellent. However jumped into it just now and it wont start.. Dash lights up, but the engine wont turn over. Popped the bonnet just for a looksie and right at the front of the engine bay above the left-hand fan there is a metal cylinder with an electrical connector which is making a clicking/whirring noise. Now im presuming it has been doing this all night since i last used it, hence my flat battery..
    Its right in between the two pipes that you can see in the pic.
    Anybody know what it is/does? And if i can unplug or sort this out now?

    Many thanks.

    P.S loving the info on this forum so far!!
  2. s3ollie

    s3ollie Member

    thats the watercooling pump for the turbo for after you switch off the engine but that will also come on after you switch the ignition on then off so i doubt its that (should stop after a while, 5 minutes maybe?) unless like you say its been on all night
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Chances are it's just the battery on its last legs, they don't last forever. Really are only good for 5-6 years so it may be the original. Get a Bosch silvertop from GSF should be about £70. Job done (unless it is something else).
  4. shorty

    shorty New Member

    ok, thanks guys. :)
    will probably go and get a new battery tomorrow afternoon and replace that just to be on the safe side then..
    Watch this space as they say!!

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