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Flashing DSG gear display in DIS

dai-click Nov 26, 2009

  1. dai-click

    dai-click New Member

    I think it was last winter when my DSG gear display started flashing but then cured itself - well its started again.
    it seems that when I leave it in P say over the weekend, so not used for a couple of days, when I put it in D, or anything else but P, on Monday morning it starts flashing all the time. The gearbox works perfect, changing up and down as required.
    Now it seems to me that it is a sticking switch when the selector is in P, if there is such a thing, when the weather gets colder. If I leave it in N - although I can't take the key out - then the display does not flash.
    Hope that makes sense
    Anyone know if there is a switch - I can hear a relay clicking when I take it out of P - that I can clean or replace.
    Oh the car is a 2005 2.0TDI with 60k on the clock

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