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Fixing the rear number plate

Dan Yeates Mar 28, 2009

  1. Dan Yeates

    Dan Yeates Audi S4 B5 Avant

    How do you guys fit the rear number plate?!

    The black plastic screws that go through in the bootlid seem to be in the middle of the black letters on the old plate, but right in the middle of the yellow on the new plate!

    I would like to keep the Southampton Audi black plastic thing (for some reason!) but there doesn't seem to be anyway of attaching that then sticking the plate on top of that.

    Do you get rid of the black plastic Audi dealer plate holder and then stick the plate straight onto the bootlid?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Siena

    Siena Active Member

    I have Audi Dealer (Ipswich Audi) plate holders on my car front and rear.

    I used the correct screws, I didn't have to drill any more holes on the holders, or my trunk / front bumper.

    As for the plates themselves, I fitted them with double sided sticky pads, bave been that way for well over a year now.
  3. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    i took off the plate holder when I sorted the corrosion to the lock strip.
    refitted a new plate with 5mm double sided sticky foam. abouyt 4 of them for a couple of quid if I remember.
    clean well, fit once and they last a while.

    looks much cleaner without the surround and the screws.
    probably means they can be nicked easily but if you want someones plate bad enough I would rather they comes off than the thief damages a plate holder or body work when they take it!

    NB. the screw holes through the body work are a great site for corrosion. reason I didn't want more screws back through once I had painted and treated the holes
  4. Dan Yeates

    Dan Yeates Audi S4 B5 Avant

    Great, thanks.

    Reason I can't use my Audi dealer plate holder is because the holes are really large, the small hole in the plate is supposed to keep it fixed into place - if you see what I mean.

    I think I will have to stick it to the bodywork then. I'll take a look at the holes on the bodywork too, if they look like thy might be corroding I'll have a look round the workshop to see wha tI can trea them with.
  5. JAM35F

    JAM35F Member

    I use a german plate frame bought from dubmeister. Has Innoglastadt Zentrum Audi on it if I remember correctly. It has multiple holes on the backing plate and I just lined it up as I wanted and used the hole that was over the screw hold in the car. I used a washer too as the screw heads were same size as holes. Once that was on car the plate slides in, and then you hold it in place with a plastic bar that has the audi text on it. No no screws on display at all, yet plate can be easily removed if I wanted to. (personal plate so seem to regularly take plates on and off cars).

    It's a neat solution that means you dont have to worry about screw holes in the plates themselves. My actual plates have been on four cars, if I had drilled them it would have been a new set each time.

    At the front I use pads and no frame, just directly on to the car as there are no holes drilled in my bumper. Tried a plate frame with sticky pads but gradually fell off as too heavy. But for just a plate on the front sticky pads work well.

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