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Fixed Maintenance

swhurst Aug 8, 2007

  1. swhurst

    swhurst New Member

    Im about to take delivery of a new A3 2.0tdi 170 sline sportback and I'm undecided on the fixed maintenance package.

    On 25k pa, over 3 years, monthly payments quoted as

    Service £24.73
    Ser/Main £44.82
    Ser/Main/Tyres £86.61

    Ive got a Mk5 Golf 1.9tdi at the moment and over three years 78k miles the following work has been done

    4 AVS services and 1 brake fluid
    Front brake pads twice and discs once
    Rear brake pads and discs once

    Cheapest dealership quotes at the following but its a bit of a drive, would mean time off work so consequently a pain in the old buttocks

    1st AVS £210
    2nd AVS £250
    Brake fluid £77
    Front pads £120
    Front Discs/Pads £240
    Rear Discs/Pads £171

    If I ignore the tyre option and working on what Ive had done to my golf I would pay £1528 but if I took the Serv/Main option I would pay £1613.52.

    I drive mainly on motorways with the odd thrash through the beautiful welsh hills. So can anyone tell me if the work Ive estimated that will need doing is correct or will it need more or less maintenance or indeed have I missed anything, the only thing I could think of is bulbs or wipers. I'm assumin cambelt is at 80k.

    Maybe I should just take the service option I wonder if this includes the brake fluid change.

  2. Shao_khan

    Shao_khan Member

    For me a 15k miles pa plan worked out at I think it was £602 per year over 3 years. Now in 15k miles I would have expected to have used at least one set of tyres - cost to me iro £500, so it seemed to me that in 3 years it will have possibley 2 AVS services and at least 4 sets of tyres - so it appeared to be cost effecctive.

    I think if you do a lot of motorway miles tyre use is less, AVS will be further appart and the service plan might be less of a benefit.
  3. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    We stopped full maintenance for all our fleet vehicles.
    Partly because it wasn't cost effective,partly because when it comes to tyres they tell you where to go and what to fit,which can be a pain.
    My A4 was the last car to go on full maintenance and it's tyre situation was daft.
    It had a different type of tyre on every wheel,depending on what the maintenenance people told them to fit on that day.
    They were all Pirellis,but they were all different.
    It looked stupid and wouldn't have happened if I had freedom of choice.
  4. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    I decided to go for the Fixed Maintenance on my new A3 Sportback, but I've only gone for Service and Maintenance. I decided not to go for Tyres after the comments on this forum about the problems members had with choice of tyres and suppliers.

    I have a 3 year contact that cost me £20.13 per month.

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