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Fixed cost maintenance re-visited

installer69 Jan 14, 2006

  1. installer69

    installer69 Member

    I'm coming up to 30k on the '6 and would like to share the costs (please!) with you.

    2 small services
    1 big service
    2 sets of front pads
    1 set of front discs
    2 full sets of tyres

    Cost of the fixed maintenance plan

    36 X £60 = £2160

    Since I didn't pay for any of the maintenance, perhaps those of you that have could fill in the prices I would have paid and all can see whether it was a good deal or not?

    From my point of view, my whole life is on direct debit, so to pay for my car maintenance the same way rather than get big surprises just makes sense even if it isn't cheaper.

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