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Fix for Center Console Creak

hwmin Apr 4, 2003

  1. hwmin

    hwmin New Member

    All the while I thought the creaking noise came from the center console. At least it sounded like it was coming from there. It took what seemed like an eternity to finally track it down.

    The culprit of the creaking for my car is the roof lining (directly above the center rear view mirror) rubbing against the upper windshield. It would creak every time the car twists or goes over every little bump.

    I took a little piece of sponge and stuck it between the edge of the roof lining and the windshield. The space is tight. You will have to yank down the lining a tad to lodge the sponge (or whatever material you think is appropriate). Sure enough no more creaking!

    It's a makeshift fix, and I am sure there are better ways. But for now I'm happy. Hope this would help some of you out there.
  2. Jukester

    Jukester New Member

    I would do anything to stop my centre armrest chattering. It squeaks when in upright position and temperature is less than 10 deg c and chatters when in down position if you aren't resting on it, regardless of temperature. Wish I had never had the damn thing fitted!!
  3. Ram

    Ram Member

    Funny you should bring this up as there's a factory fix for this...

    See the attached .pdf file.

    Best wishes,

  4. rhubarb4

    rhubarb4 Certified Audi nutter Gold Supporter Team Silver Audi S3 quattro

    This worked for me iv just tried it, bonus no more creaking.


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