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Fitting wheel spacers

A3_Turbo Nov 14, 2007

  1. A3_Turbo

    A3_Turbo Swaying towards IHI....

    Hi guys seen the H&R Wheel spacers are quite pricey, is there a cheaper alternative? Like FK for example?

    Just wondered how wide can you go? I was thinking 20mm spacers all round what do you think? Its only really to fill up my arches a bit better really.

    Do they make a difference on handling at all? And im guessing you need longer wheel bolts too.

    How much would you be looking at for a set of wheel spacers and longer bolts?

    Thanks for your help in advance,

  2. DPM

    DPM Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Hello mate!

    FK do some but unsure weather they're aluminium and also hubcentric. 20mm all round shouldn't be a problem but you would need longer wheel bolts. Handling isn't really effected, mainly just for the looks.

    What price you had on the H&R spacers?
  3. A3_Turbo

    A3_Turbo Swaying towards IHI....

    What does hubcentric mean? Sorry to sound stupid!

    Erm i havnt had a price on the H&R Spacers i just thought they were fairly expensive?

    How wide can you go is 20mm the limit?

  4. j4g3d

    j4g3d Member

    I have FK brand new ones in the classifieds section. there hubcentric and made of alluminium. hubcentric means its made to fit perfectly has a lip on it so sit snug if you dont buy hubcentric spacers your wheels will wobble at high speed.
  5. DPM

    DPM Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Hubcentric is where they're made to actually fit on the hub lip so you get no wheel wobble or vibration. There's no limit really, just depends how wide you want. Work out the size your after and i'll get you a price mate.
  6. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    Well, there is obviously a limit Jason! and its defined by how low your car is, and how wide your wheels are.

    If your running yours 50mm lowered, with 8'' wheels at et35, I would think at a 20mm spacer, you would have serious rubbing issues.

    also, surely your fronts dont need that much spacing? my TT wheels at 7.5'' wide and et32 already sit dead flush with the outter edge of my wing, any more than 5mm would look silly.

    On the back, I want to go 15mm, But im not even sure if there is room for that!

    Oh: on a seperate note- you wanted your car a tad lower on the back didnt you? you said someone told you you couldnt change the springs with your H&R cup kit?

    I realised last night looking at my weitecs, thats a load of ********! the springs at the back are totally seperate from the dampers! so you can fit any springs you want on the back!

    saves you getting those silly FK coilovers now!

    You comming to no Rice in guilford tonight mate?
  7. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    I have H&R spacers. 20mm allround. Wheels are 17x7.5" BBS RC041 ET41. Like prawn, level with the arches.

    I got mine from http://www.europerformance.co.uk/ I seem to remember there wasn't much in the price from that site compared to others.

    I like my FK coilovers :)

    ****, forgot about No-rice.......you guys regulars? I went last month. We should hook up.
  8. Aky

    Aky Aky

    I have 13mm rear and 10mm front. They are hubcetric and a damn sight cheaper than H&R. Think I paid approx £80 from Venom Motorsport. That came with extra bolts.
  9. A3_Turbo

    A3_Turbo Swaying towards IHI....


    Cheers Prawn im running 18's but not sure on the width or anything they're fuel 5's i think..

    And how are you sure about the Springs mate? Ideally id just stick a set of 55mm springs on the rear of my Cup kit then it'd look perfect!

    And i did text you back mate not sure if i can make it tonight going to look at a cheap MK2 GTI.


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