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Fitting the Ipod connector

audi_france Oct 6, 2007

  1. audi_france

    audi_france New Member

    I have an 2007 A4 with the DVD Navigation/colour screen and the CD multiplayer in the glovebox - audio controls on the steering wheel. Question is it easy to go about using the CD autochanger connections to fit the Ipod adapter or are special skills required to fit? Does the autochanger need to be de-mounted for example? I realise that the CD autochanger can't be used after the Ipod adapter is fitted. Any help/opinion appreciated!
  2. marms

    marms Member

    That is not entirely true. You can have the CD changer and the iPOD if you use the Dension Gateway 200. Although you still have to use a manual switch to change between the two. As far as fitting is concerned, if you order the kit with a vehicle specific adapter then it is a simple plug & play installation.

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