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Fitting S3 buckets (how to wire up) help please.

itfben Oct 29, 2012

  1. itfben

    itfben New Member

    Bought a set of Audi bucket seats for my Mk2 TT they were from a Mk2 S3 but the plugs are not plug & play as I expecting. Winters approach and I NEED my heated seats going again. How do I wire them up? Plug are different old seats had two wires into a plug where the new seats have 3 wires into similar plug other plugs don't match up either and colours or wires don't match either.

    Seen one other semi-useful thread on subject but think the guy ended up stripping seat and installing new cushion and loom. REALLY RATHER NOT.

    Other thing I saw was buying a loom from Audi for (£370 with discount) which I'd rather not do but if would definitely work them may consider as a back up plan.

    Help please...

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