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Fitting RNS-D to Audi S3

sideways steve Jan 2, 2012

  1. sideways steve

    sideways steve Member

    Hello all, I have an RNS-D unit I want to install into my 2001 S3

    Currently the car has the symphony 1 system with BOSE.

    The previous owner had fitted the RNS-D and it was sort of working but not with the BOSE and it had some rather home grown wiring going on too that I was not happy with.

    I restored all the wiring back to factory and have the original Symphony 1 unit fully working again (including the BOSE)

    I noticed that on the rear of the RNS-D unit there looks to be a socket for a large connector but my car does not have anything that will plug into it.

    Does anyone have a guide on retrofitting an RNS-D unit into an S3 that didn't have it from the factory ?

    I do have the GPS Aerial etc installed and that side of it is all fine.

    The home grown wiring I mentioned above seemed to be looking like they were connected to the speed signal wiring both in the pass footwell and on the back of the instrument cluster. Then seemed to be spliced together and a wire jammed into the connector socket on the rear of the RNS-D (the socket I don't appear to have a plug for on my wiring loom)

    Hope that all makes sense and I would appreciate any input on this one :)
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  2. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Symphony I to RNS-D is fairly straight forward, but to display on the cluster you will need a TMC module and also a plug and play harness for the 26 pin connector to get speed pulses etc to the connector.

    TMC modules are available on EBay and I think I even have a spare one for sale. You will need to move some wires from the clk/data/enable pins to the can hi and lo wires at the radio and cluster ends.

    This is the harness for the TMC module

    KUFATEC GmbH & Co. KG - TMC Traffic Message Channel - Harness - VW and Audi 30003

    And this is the harness for the RNS-D 26 pin connector, it also has a TV in motion switch.

    KUFATEC GmbH & Co. KG - Audi/ VW adapter head unit MFD RNS-D (Navi+) 33361
  3. sideways steve

    sideways steve Member

    Thanks Craig, can you provide more info on the wires that need moving please and why they need moved ?

    Also is it essential to have the TMC module or can I use the RNS-D without it ?

    On the loom for the 26 pin connector I assume the switch shown in the picture is to do with the TV in motion thing ?

    thanks again for your input !

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