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Fitting pioneer double din sat nav in facelift 8L, need speed signal wire

jack_davey May 12, 2013

  1. jack_davey

    jack_davey Member

    Hi all,
    As above I'm fitting a pioneer avic-f930bt double din sat nav unit, it needs the speed signal to calculate your position more accurately.
    I've read various things on here about it being canbus etc, but nothing conclusive that gives me the answer I need.

    I'm not sure whether the pioneer unit will understand the canbus signal or not, but I need to atleast find the signal to start with.
    Even if it is a canbus signal surely the signal has to analogue from the actual speed sensor itself and this can be spliced into? Unless it calculates it form the ABS sensors and the ABS computer sends a canbus signal to the ECU/instrument cluster.

    I've seen the third stereo connector should have a gala signal wire, mine doesn't. So if someone could point me to the pin on the instrument cluster that'd be great.
  2. vrbob

    vrbob Thats no Moon, Thats a space station!

    Had to run some wires when fitting my RNSE and these are the details :

    Remove the clocks and on the back you will see 3 connectors 1 green 1 blue and 1 grey. We need to connect a wire on Pin 31 on the blue connector and run that to the wire on your new kufatec loom that connects to the gala speed sensor in the RNSE. We then need to connect 2 more wires in the grey connector Pin 5 (Can High) and Pin 6 (Can Low) these then need to be run to the loom and connected to the same on the RNSE (please note the RNSE has a wiring guide on it to help you identify which wires these are.
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  3. jack_davey

    jack_davey Member

    Hi thanks for your reply.
    I actually found pin 28 works, maybe it's different for the rns-e

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