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Fitting Parrot, removing RNS-E

Jonny-Smith Oct 25, 2011

  1. Jonny-Smith

    Jonny-Smith Member


    About to give this a go tonight, i've bought the connectors although ive been told i might not need them?

    Fitting a parrot C3100 to a RNS-E what do people think?

    Also ive bought the tools to pull the headunit, but whats the technique to getting it out??

  2. jb0o

    jb0o North East Forum Moderator Regional Rep Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    The standard Parrot connectors are ISO's, the RNS-E uses a Quad-lock connector to you will need the harness to connect the two together.

    Push the keys into the slots until you hear a slight click then slightly push the keys away from the radio as this will release the tab easier and gently pull.
  3. plezz

    plezz Member

    i dont know if its the same for RNSe as it was for my chorus/concert/**** thing, but i had to push all 4 keys in like JB0o says above, but i i found if you pull the left keys slightly to the left, and the right keys slightly to the right at the same time as pulling the whole thing out of its hole that helped. obviously dont put too much sideways force on in case you bend the keys and jam them in there, but i found that worked.

    i cant be certain your removal process will be the same as mine though! plus there are tons of videos on youtube.com showing you how to do it.
  4. VWAddict

    VWAddict Member VCDS Map User

    You'll need quadlock.

    The RNS-E is a TIGHT fit in there... as well as the keys, you might want to try pulling -GENTLY- on the inside edges of the recess where the screen frame (which will be lying in the open position, I assume... that's how I do it!) to get some more pulling 'grip'.

    I had a Parrott, -eventually replaced it with the OEM phone module. -Some stuff was nice on the Parrott, but on the whole I like the Audi module better, specially in terms of DIS integration.

    If you don't have quadlock connectors, don't start the job... you won't make ISO's fit.

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