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Fitting Forge TIP to AUM

audi_ro Mar 12, 2010

  1. audi_ro

    audi_ro New Member

    just tried fitting my forge TIP to my 1.8T but with no luck :sadlike:

    i had trouble with getting it in between the metal water pipe but i managed to bend it slightly so i could fit the pipe on the turbo but after that it wouldnt fit properly/square onto the air box. however if you fit it on square, the side of the pipe would rub on the engine?

    i couldnt work it out? after alot of fiddling i gave up on fitting it on the air box and tried fitting the breather hose's. well the thin little one fitted ok and so did the recirculating DV but the other one wouldnt reach and was probably short by about an inch and a half.

    has anyone else had problems?

    thanks Ro
  2. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!! VCDS Map User

    sounds like you have the wrong one....Forge are normally bang on with fitment
  3. audi_ro

    audi_ro New Member

    hmmm, its got AUM part number on the packaging? do they do a GOLF MK4 AUM? as thats the code as well on it?
  4. olibattman

    olibattman Member

    I know we're 3 years on from this now, but did you have any luck Ro? Im looking to get a Forge TIP to fit on my AUM myself too, so just checking around to see others' attempts! CHeers.

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