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Fitting coilovers

rydinator Jan 14, 2009

  1. rydinator

    rydinator Member

    Hi people, this is my first post on here, but i am a regular on audi-vw and mkivs.net, but that was when i had a mk4 golf, i have recently purchased an audi a3 and it has some mods already i.e 18'' inovit dtm wheels but i want to fit coilovers on it, and the problem i am having is that i have no idea what to do, for example, what do i do with the seperate spring at the rear, do i remove that and the damper and just replace it with the coilovers? or do i keep the spring there and just replace the damper with the coilovers? and response would be great.

    thankyou sam
  2. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    The A3 doesn't take coilover units at the rear, due to the seperate spring/shock design.

    at the front, a traditional coilover unit is fitted.

    at the rear, a coilover kit will come with an up rated shock, and a shorter spring and an adjustable spring platform.

    The height adjustment is done by adjusting the spring platform.

    Coilover kits for the A3 and the mk4 golf are exactly the same too, so that helps broaden the market a little!

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