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Fitting an S-Line bodykit to a Sport?

thesmileyone May 16, 2013

  1. thesmileyone

    thesmileyone Active Member Audi A3

    So after a big turn on event - my Dad has his 07 1.8tFSI custom spec for sale, cheapest in the SW and a good price for the spec and mileage...no takers.

    I am thinking of buying it and selling my 140 tdi Sport.

    It is custom specced - ie he bought it new using the audi configurator, has S line full valcona leather, arm rest, heated seats, S-line steering wheel etc. But on the outside it is just a sport. I hate the look of the outside - the lack of rear spoiler bugs me on both his car and my car.

    So i am thinking of buying it and fitting the front bumper, rear bumper and spoiler from an S-Line. It is Phantom Black so finding the parts should be easy without needing a respray.

    I am just wondering how much would I be looking at for a garage to fit them, and if this is possible, would they need to drill holes in the roof to fit the rear spoiler?

    I would just go and buy one but atleast I know this car has been looked after properly, never smoked in, he is a bit OCD with cars so it is always washed... he had a tiny scrape where someone let an iron gate hit it...so he pays £600 to have the whole arche done professionally etc. Detailed every weekend etc. So I would be getting a great car. Will miss S-tronic but thats the only real cavaet.

    Many thanks.
  2. granty578

    granty578 Member

    I'm not sure why an Sline on an 07 would come without these parts?

    I have a 2005 Sline with the rub strip bumpers and no spoiler and I'm in the process of upgrading.

    Here's my costs so far, however these parts are really hold to get hold of (used) and I've spent a couple of months sourcing at these prices:

    Front bumper £130
    Rear bumper £60
    S3 Rear Valance/Diffuser £120
    Fogs £40 (Very rare!!!)
    Spoiler £100

    I've still got to get these and they will be new from TPS:

    Fog grilles - About £65 for both
    Screws, wires etc for fogs probably about £40

    Hope that goes some way to help. Of course you don't have to have an S3 rear end. You could get a 8P3 Bumper for about £50 and then choose your valance. Standard for about £90 or the black edition/sline honeycomb for £200. I actually have a 8P3 bumper which I'll be looking to sell as I changed my mind after purchasing.

    Hope it all helps.
  3. thesmileyone

    thesmileyone Active Member Audi A3

    It is not an S-Line it is a Sport with S-Line interior (but without the S-Line emblem on the seats and without the black headlining).
  4. leeds2592

    leeds2592 When I grow up, I want a 964!

    Pre facelift S Line parts aren't too hard to get hold of but prices can be ridiculous I've found. As said, if you aren't in any rush, bargains do come up from time to time.

    With regards to the spoiler, there's two ways of fitting it. You can drill your tailgate, fix it on with the lugs AND stick it down or you can cut the lugs down and just stick it on. I went for the latter and got a bodyshop to do mine for me and it definitely won't be going anywhere!

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