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Fitting an Aftermarket Amp/Sub into an 2003 AUDI A8 intergrated system?

KillerHERTZ May 12, 2007

  1. KillerHERTZ

    KillerHERTZ Mercedes Owner

    Hi guys - my 1st post.

    My brother has just bought a 2003 Audi A8, inside it has a very nice BOSE system controlled via the pop up LCD screen & the I-Drive style button.

    As we are both into Drum & Bass, the system is virtually useless as the tiny amps, although sound great have little bass.

    Off to our local Discount Auto garage place who fit the system to his CLK, and the guy tells us we are looking at around £1400 to intergrate the 1000w Amp & Bassbin.

    Trouble is, the cars audio computer knows exactly what is happening to each speaker, and each speaker has its own amp.

    He reckons the only soliution is to buy a modual that bypasses the system & on top of that each of the 10+ speakers will need to be re-wired. Plus the sound proofing in the boot will deafen out most of the sound anyway...

    Anyone any idea's? its it possible to - for example, disconnect the parcel shelf speakers and connect up the amp to them or somthing along those lines?

  2. jwithers

    jwithers New Member

    I am also a bit partial to drum and bass.

    I have a d2 a8 without the bose system. I have been told that there are two amplifiers for the bose systems, and only one for non bose systems which power only the rear speakers. i have a 1154 watt rms amp and 1000 watt rms sub by alpine. with the sub on the back seat it is deafening however in the boot the sound is minimal however the noise of the bootlid and parcel shelf destroys the music.

    My next step will be to remove the speakers on the parcel shelf to allow the sound through. I hope that that works.
  3. V8burble

    V8burble New Member

    The D3 system is very different to the D2. The D3 system is a MOST system with a data bus.

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