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fitting alu mirrors(complete units) new shape a4

rockstar Jul 20, 2004

  1. rockstar

    rockstar Member

    Hi,shall shortly try and fit a new set of alu mirrors..now my question is this;

    when i changed the alu mirrors on the old a3,it was pretty simple i.e remove the triangular piece of plastic from inside of door and unscrew the bolt and unplug the wire loom.simple....

    looking at the new a4 theres seems to be a similiar plastic piece to remove(smaller though) is this the corrct place for unbolting the mirrors? also by the looks of the picture i have of the s4 mirrors there seems to be an extremely lomg wire loom withthe connector at the end...do i have to remove the door card to reconnect the electrics or what...

    I was originally only going to remove the mirror caps them selves,but want the elctric mirrors with the selfolding inwards mechanism fitted (this will work with my car?)u think..

    before i go dismantling,any advice?

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