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Fitting a sub in B8 Audi S4 (with standard stereo)

Jamespaul Jul 11, 2010

  1. Jamespaul

    Jamespaul New Member


    In my last car (BMW 330D M Sport) I fitted a JL 12W6V2 sub, powered by a JL 500/1 mono block amp. I bought the car when it was 1 year old and fitted it as I was not desperately impressed with the BMW system and quite like bass heavy(ish) music. I was impressed with the upgrade and enjoyed fitting it too.

    I now have a B8 S4 on order, which is due to arrive on Sep 1st :)
    (Budget was already getting stretched and wasnt able to get B&O, but....)

    Any thoughts on the standard stereo versus the BMW one? (Somehow didnt feel right cranking up the stereo at the dealers!)

    Has anyone retro fitted a sub to a B8 S4 / A4? Any tips?
    (In the BMW I fitted it under the floor (where a spare tyre would go, but as the car had run flats, lost no boot space at all with the install)


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