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Fitting a Parrot

morgan306 Sep 8, 2009

  1. morgan306

    morgan306 Member

    Hey guys,I've been lucky enough to get given a Parrot mki 9200 and would like to install it in my 8l S3.
    As the unit is 2nd hand I have no instructions so I'm in need of a little help?!

    Firstly do I need any adapters,as I would like to make full use of the ipod connection?

    After doing a search on here I found a few queries with Bose/Parrot compatablilty,can anyone shed any light on this?

    I have Bose and a Corus head unit I believe.

    Many thanks for any info you can supply me with!

  2. s4marsh

    s4marsh Member

    i fitted the ls3200 colour to a concert bose in my 99 s4 with no special connectors although i did have to wire the sound output directly to my driver door speaker as i had no sound coming through but it muted the music and displayed telephone on the head unit..works fine as i've done it
  3. morgan306

    morgan306 Member

    I did read that using the ipod connection means sound only comes through front speakers though?
  4. morgan306

    morgan306 Member

    Ok so I had a quick look with my head unit out yesterday..

    There's no switched live on the S3 loom going to the head unit,so where did you guys pick that up from?
    Also,where you fit the parrot inbetween the head unit and the speakers,how do you do that when there are no speakers wired to the HU?
    I'm a dab hand with a soldering iron,I just need to know how everyone else has gone about it.
    Thanks for any information.
  5. Xmay4444

    Xmay4444 On Point!!

    I'm about to get the MKI9200 fitted, after deciding that the Phatbox was not for me and have found out that the cable set below is what you need to sort out the issues with the Bose and the rear speakers in the Audis. Apparently they have just been released to the market after testing.

    10-402 - Adaptor Lead for Audi Full Bose Amplified systems Quadlock
    A4 - Sep 05 > Concert Head unit Bose*

    A4 - Sep 04 > Symphony Head unit Bose*
    Telemute lead not available if Quadlock connection and Amplified.

    [FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica][​IMG][/FONT]

    [FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]10-402[/FONT]​

    [FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]These particular leads are required when installing the Parrot MKi9200 Car kit into an Audi vehicle with Full Bose amplified systems on Quad lock wiring.[/FONT]​

    [FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica][​IMG][/FONT]​

    [FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]Price £49.95[/FONT]​

    [FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]All prices include VAT[/FONT]​

    They are also available from halford for about £75

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