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Fitting a new electric mirror switch

04061969 Sep 7, 2006

  1. 04061969

    04061969 New Member

    anyone done this before? i have bought a new switch as the other one got knocked off when vigorously cleaning!

    do you just flip it off or is it a nightmare?

    car is a audi a6 2.4se auto 1999 T
  2. enda1

    enda1 Member

    My wife broke the one in our car with her handbag!!!!
    You need to lever out the old switch with a thin blade or screwdriver at the back or front as these are where the retention clips are. Audis replacement is only the switch mechanism so you need to keep the housing from the old switch with the pictures of the mirrors on it. The new switch mechanism slides into the housing and then the whole thing pops back into the car
  3. adrenalic

    adrenalic New Member

    I have tried for one hour to remove the switch from the housing without success. anyone knows how to direct me. a link with photo would be appreciated. thanks.

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