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Fitting a Kufatec Comfort Hatch Module - Audi Q7 2011

mjwilliams101 Sep 23, 2011

  1. mjwilliams101

    mjwilliams101 New Member

    Just in case anyone is thinking of fitting the boot closing module to a 2010+ Q7 I thought I'd post some tips as the downloadable instructions are laughable!

    1) Ignore all the rubbish about removing the boot interior light to take a screw out to remove the rear boot trim - the screw isn't there any more! I just levered the trim apart near the LEFT hand side of the boot opening and gained access to the plug from there. The whole rear trim will totally come off if you like - its on spring clips. You need to remove the plug on the BLACK motor unit, not the blue one on the right (that is the opener!)

    2) You will need to solder and tape the wires on the module to certain wires attached to the plug - forget the instructions they are out of date and specify colours for cables (where they are actually all grey with German writing on!) Also forget calling Richter Sport LTD as they gave me the WRONG instructions!

    The correct wiring is:

    [TABLE="class: outer_border, width: 350"]
    [TD]Connect to Wire[/TD]
    [TD]CAN LOW[/TD]
    [TD]PIN 7 Orange/Brown[/TD]
    [TD]PIN 3 Orange/Green[/TD]
    [TD]PIN 5 Green/Yellow[/TD]
    [TD]PIN 4 Brown[/TD]
    [TD]PIN 8 Red/Blue[/TD]

    The module fits easily into the extra space under the trim. It was actually quite a simple job after the faffing around for hours using the wrong instructions - hopefully this should make it easier for some of you.

    Double press open+close buttons to close the boot - job done.

    If you're interested the unit came to €133 shipped from Germany.
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