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Fitting a front dipping headlight bulb

peter02 Jan 26, 2008

  1. peter02

    peter02 Member

    Can some one please help - I have bought a new bulb for my car and was told by audi to fit it myself as it was straightforward and would save money. Fair point I thought. Off I went bought a screwdriver and started to take it all apart - only one problem though I am not mechanically great and when I try to take the casing out, it does not come out that far - seemingly not far enough to put the bulb in and all back together. I also cannot remove the old bulb from the wire - is this just a case of pulling as hard as you can. Can someone please offer advice, the casing seems to stick due to the wires being all tied up so only comes out about 5 cm's - enough to get your hand in but not then to see very much !!:keule:
  2. Shades

    Shades Member

    I changed my dipped headlight bulb outside the spares shop before heading off to Derby. Its awkward but as long as you don't mind slight scrapped hands you don't need to take the headlight units out.

    A section of the plastic air inlet ducting (if similiar to the 1.9TDI) that runs behind the drivers side light (mines there but not fastened in as its before the air filter) can be easily removed and just gives you enough room to get your hand down to remove the bulb. That way, the wires are coming back on themselves and not being extended forwards which should give you enough room to easily disconnect them from the bulb. Getting the new bulb back in, once connected, can be a bit fiddly but is possible.

    Access on the passenger side can be made easier by unfastening the power steering reseavoir from its mounting which just gives enough flexibility to get your hand down behind the headlight unit there too... That was done outside the MOT testing station! :)

    From what I've heard some VAG cars have a problem with constantly blowing bulbs... I've had 4 go, both dipped and two tail, in less than 12 months. Fortunately though the A4 has 4 red tail lights and as they've gone in matching pairs (the inner two) I'm still legal... which is just as well because I can't be bothered changing them yet... I'm waiting to buy the bloody things in bulk!! :)

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