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Fitting a Blueflame 3" full exhaust to a 1.8T 225 Quattro MK1 TT?

chris.vincent3 Jan 8, 2014

  1. chris.vincent3

    chris.vincent3 Own a BMW now, HOWEVER I still own VCDS! VCDS Map User

    As title, my friend has just bought one after many of month me telling him to get one before a remap, and no doubt I will be fitting it for him, he seems to think the engine mounts will need loosening and the engine rocking to be able enough room to get the downpipe on? Is this true?
  2. Allmine

    Allmine Member

    Hi, just logged in after a while and read you thread.

    If your fitting a down pipe section then you will need to drop the lower sub frame, ball joints to remove the existing down pipe and fit the new one as there's no room otherwise.
    Or you can cut the old one off from part way down if you have the right tools.

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