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Fitted nozzles remap or more first?

Layerz Apr 9, 2007

  1. Layerz

    Layerz Member

    Hey guys,

    I have a 1998 A4 TDI 110, and I have just fitted powerplus 764 nozzles (.216) up from the stock .205 nozzles.

    Before I go guns blazing into a remap I am aware I will need a new clutch/ friction plate, but I did wonder what gains I should see from pp764 nozzles + remap.
    If anyone has done this before or knows of it figures would really help!!

    The next question is I have been told that a new exhaust system would help due to less back pressure, and I do fancy a better sounding exhaust, will this relate the same to my setup?

    Thanks in advance, Lewis
  2. golisago

    golisago Member

    Hi........you could go with a Cat back exhaust from companys like supersprint or powerflow etc..but the cheapest way would have someone make you a 2.5" pipe with out any resinator or cat straight through to a back box or no back box like i have.

    I would have this done before you get it remapped and at this level i would use a performance panal filter instead of the oem part....this will not gain you any more power but it will spool up your turbo that little bit quicker.....and i know the Marcus at superchip who had a mk4 golf 110hp did the mapping for said injectors and achieved a 170hp and could have gotten more but the clutch started to really slip with more power so he backed it down to 170hp.

    I know someone else with the same said B.216 / pp764 nozzles which were used in a 102hp T4 transporter and got a 166hp but settled for 155hp which was more or less totally clean.....and was chipped by Wayne Scoffield at ChipWizards who is in Rochdale.

    So i guess because you have the vnt1549 turbo and not the gt15 a 160hp/170hp is something realistic.
  3. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    agree on exhaust but not on intake
    standard panel is fine and dyno test show this against any number of cones/RAM and CA intakes.

    what you can do to improve it though is rip out all the stupid little fins in the airbox and mount a cold air intake into the standard airbox through the base beneath the headlight and behind the front fog
  4. PlebbyChris

    PlebbyChris Complete Pleb

    I found on mine that although air filter didn't improve BHP gain, it significantly improved throttle response. You could even see it in the fuel consumption readout.

    With the K&N panel filter fitted, pressure on the gas pedal forced the engine to instantly run at 5mpg, whereas the stock filter took a couple of seconds to increase consumption that much.

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