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FISCUBE - alternative to OEM TV tuner

SamDude Oct 3, 2011

  1. SamDude

    SamDude Active Member

    I was researching how much it would cost to retrofit a TV tuner for my A4 (B8), I have the 2G MMI option with a rear view camera already fitted. The going rate to get the TV tuner fitted seems to be around the £1200 mark which is a bit much.

    Looking through the Kufatec website, I came across this: KUFATEC GmbH & Co. KG - FISCUBE� Audi MMI 2G - MMI 3G - MMI 3G Plus.
    It's an OEM integrated digital TV tuner, with the ability to record to and playback from a USB device. It's listed for £402 (need to find out what the installation cost/options are).

    I've not seen any reviews or recommendations around, so thought I'd ask you guys what you thought/knew about it.

    Is it a known/recommended brand? Are there any other products that match/beat the features of this?
  2. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    I have only fitted one so far, seemed easy enough, but of course you have the antennas to fit onto your glass which some people do not like. It was a 3G car and the tuning and setup was a bit clunky compared to OEM, but it worked. As it was not my car I cannot comment on how good it was in practice as I was replacing a crappy installation of a tuner module that someone had installed with only 1 antenna out of 2 and at least the Fiscube was installed with both antennas.
  3. SamDude

    SamDude Active Member


    So - would you recommend it or is there an alternative?
    What would the install cost be?

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