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Fiscon Audi Basic Plus kit

sam_77uk Sep 13, 2009

  1. sam_77uk

    sam_77uk New Member

    I have this kit for sale new brand in the box, bought only 3 weeks ago.

    Suitable for all vehicles with RNSE navigation (A3,A4,A6,TT,R8) plus A4 (8k) A5 (8t) and Q5 (8r) models with concert or symphony audio system. Provides full telephone information such as call register, phone book, dial a number etc via the "tel" button on the radio, All information displayed on the Navigation or MMI screen. Vehicle will require coding via a local dealer or via vag com

    Let me know if someone is hunting for one..
  2. BigAardvaark

    BigAardvaark Active Member Team Scuba Audi A4

    Did you sell this?

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