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first time clay - not a Audi

Mange_80 Sep 7, 2013

  1. Mange_80

    Mange_80 New Member

    20130907_174741.jpg 20130907_174808.jpg 20130907_174853.jpg 20130907_174918.jpg 20130907_174940.jpg

    For approximately 10 years when it did not have as much moneny I wanted a cheap car to tune and run fast with and bought a Saab 900 aero -84. Then a few years later I took bike-license and this was parkt for a very long time, funnier to drive fast whit bike:) but today, my and my father did some polishing to it and I think it did realy nice. the car is a Saab 900 Aero -84 with changed front, ABS-brakes, another turbo, bigger IC, larger injectors, fuel chip, 3 "exhaust from the turbo and tuned APC., I think it got fine to be a almost 30 years old car :) And it was the first time I used clay and i was very ipressed of the clay! :D
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  2. Buneet

    Buneet Active Member

    Lovely car, just shows how a car doesn't need to be expensive to be nice!

    Good job :)
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  3. jbh

    jbh TDi lover

    I served my time working on these. great cars in there day and are still fast even nowadays
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