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First thoughts, old 170 vs new engine 170, & Bluefin

Detector Apr 29, 2010

  1. Detector

    Detector Just waiting for the green light

    Having covered 65,000 miles in my 'old' S-Line 170 diesel, I now have a shiny new BE 170 and have to say Audi have been doing some fine work on the newer version.

    The engine feels less lumpy with more linear acceleration rather than the guttless low revs before followed by a tide of torque and a final little power band near the top revs. They seem to have smoothed out the torque band making it a much more pleasurable drive, so much so I think it may be begging for a chip, had I done this with the older engine it would have resembled my old chipped Golf 150 PD which was difficult in the first two gears not spin a wheel sometimes, my wife refused to drive it.

    Now my question......has anyone already fitted the Bluefin to the later 170, (manual gearbox) & if so what are your thoughts pls ?
  2. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    I've a Bluefin on the older PD version, changed the way it drives for the better. Plus its bloody rapid, pulls like a train. Its how it should of been from the factory.

    Can only imagine it will be an improvement again on the new CR engine.

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