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First Service A3 2.0 TDI

doug34 Feb 15, 2008

  1. doug34

    doug34 New Member

    Since having my 1st service at 17000 miles I have noticed that my average mpg for 17000 miles has now gone down from 48mpg to 41mpg as per DIS2 . My driving style has remained the same thoughout . Having spoken to another Audi owner they have stated that Audis are great until your first service during which they muck about with your Engine Management settings from new which results in poor mpg. Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem which I have been assured is common place.
  2. bacardi

    bacardi Active Member

    Really doubt that, I've noticed no difference in MPG with mine between servicing

    Plus, messing about with the ECU would indicate that the dealer actually had some form of intelligence, which they don't
  3. motorbikez

    motorbikez Active Member

    On previous A3 140 tdi I also noticed no difference in mpg after servicing and would be slightly concerned if my mpg dropped more than 15% after service if anything I would expect it to be slightly better.
  4. mister.c.

    mister.c. Active Member TeamMisano Audi A3

    Two services, no drop off in mpg, after 17k service for instance mpg continued to improve a little.

    A3 55 plate 2l 140bhp diesel.

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