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First Post - Audi A3 SB ordered!

__Nazia__ Jul 23, 2013

  1. __Nazia__

    __Nazia__ New Member

    Hi All, I have just joined and have been reading through the posts all morning. Ordered my A3 end of June and have not received a build date yet.

    Was really happy to see this forum, a bit disappointed that I didn't come across this before I ordered my car! :(

    This is the first time I have purchased a brand new car and on my own as well, being a female I found the experience quite daunting, however I stuck to my guns and didn't mention my budget until they gave prices within my options.

    I didn't really think I could try and bargain for some freebies when going direct to Audi, obviously a naive mistake but lesson learnt! Im thinking of upgrading my speakers to the Audi sound system but before I do I wanted some advise on the servicing, not exactly sure what Audi offer and when I do discuss it with them should I try and get a discount on it or is it too late to even try?

  2. A3sportbackMark

    A3sportbackMark Active Member

    Welcome nazia, I too am a first time Audi buyer and didn't find this site until after placing my order.
    There are threads on this forum about negotiating deals both pre and post order, (RossR I think).
    I have found there is a wealth of experience on this forum and everyone is enthusiastic and helpful.
    What type of A3 have you ordered, and have you added any options?
  3. 97catalunya

    97catalunya Active Member

    Hello Nazia and welcome :)

    I did the same as you and placed my order then found this site, also my first brand new car, got a bit of a discount but not the £####'s that some guys on here managed to get. But hey I'm still happy, it's not all about getting the cheapest deal but getting the car you really want ;)

    It took my dealer 3 weeks to get me a build week, may be worth giving them a call.

    Everyone is really friendly on here and you will find it a great place to spend your time waiting for your new toy :)

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  4. __Nazia__

    __Nazia__ New Member

    Thanks Mark, I will definitely check out the threads for that. Looking at all the different forums out there this one did come across to be the most useful.
    I have gone for the Sportback S Line 2.0 and have a few of the extras, Comfort Package, SD based Sat Nav, Rear parking sensors and the advance key.
  5. __Nazia__

    __Nazia__ New Member

    Thanks 97Catalunya :) I agree it is definitely about getting the car you want. I have called my dealer and still no update, but expected early October so a long wait.

    Thats good to hear, hopefully my time here will help me get through the waiting period. :)
  6. RedPanther

    RedPanther New Member

    You might get lucky with the build date. Ordered my SB at the start of June, and was told late October estimate.

    Still not had a build date so was going to call next week for an update and got a call yesterday saying it would be with the dealer next week and I can pick it up 1/9 on the new reg if I want :D
  7. dav63

    dav63 Member

    Hi Nazia welcome- re service plan,it's not to late to try and get this free, I managed it just say you didn't negotiate price of car down,you've overlooked serv plan and wonderd if they could add it as a good will gesture-also mention sound system they might cut a deal with you, Good luck.

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