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First impressions of my A3 1.8t sports

poweller Aug 4, 2006

  1. poweller

    poweller Member

    Picked up my new motor this evening, a 2000 A3 1.8t sports..

    Its a lovely motor, engine is nice and torquey and the power band is pretty smooth..Not the animal my old gti-6 was though.. no where near as revvy..also sounds like a bloody diesel! whats that all about!

    handling is alot better than I expected, I wouldnt say fun but it feels pretty competent on the turn in with loads of front end grip. Not as chuckable as my old gti-6 though.

    Feels like a proper quality product- then again I have been driving french hatchbacks all my driving life!!

    Couple of questions- it didnt come with any mats- are these easy to pick up- ebay maybe?

    The previous owner had taken the cd changer out- seen there are a few on ebay but pretty expensive..anywhere else do them? I have an ipod so looking into the possibility of getting a kit for that- anyone done this?

    cheers guys
  2. DPM

    DPM Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Good cars the A3 1.8T's! If your after a CD changer i have a 6 disc one that's pretty much brand new!

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