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First day first Audi

Jbelly Jan 10, 2014

  1. Jbelly

    Jbelly Member

    Hi, after asking for some advice we picked up our first Audi yesterday eve :) The car is a 2007 (late 56) Audi A3 Sportback 2.0t Quattro S line in black, one owner from new 102k miles with full Audi main dealer history.

    I've always fancied a Audi but tbh havn't been in a position to buy one as me and the wifey have bought a run down property which ment my wifey has been running about in 1k dump run snotters lol I've always had nice vans but due to the dump/waste carriers rules etc etc it's always been easier to just have a banger (plus my vans stay clean) so after buying a brand new 63 plate 27k VW Transporter swmbo was starting to get a little peeved lol.

    So I had a budget of 7-8k it needed to be the S Line 2.0t and Quattro with as many toys as possible which tbh was all my wants lol it needs to be petrol as swmbo only does around 2k miles per year so why not the 2.0t :) Ideally I wanted lower milage but this cars history is top notch and as mention she doesn't do a lot so it will even out or that's the thinking, anyway we got it from Peterborough and paid £5750 so there's a bit spare to do any bits but the first job was to do the HPFP cam follower which I did today, so 102k full history but no mention of it being changed well I couldn't believe how easy and cheap it was to do :)


    ^Old and new, think I've caught it in time :)




    ^The car :)


    ^The naughty van lol


    Oh and the small reason for wanting a Sportback Quattro :) Our first Baba.
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  2. sliced

    sliced Drive safe, stay alive.

    congrats bud!
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  3. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Congratulations on the baby and the new car. :) x
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  4. Jbelly

    Jbelly Member

    Thanks for the comments peeps :) I'm loving the car..........Baby is pretty smart aswell lol
  5. heap1000

    heap1000 Member

    Glad you did not do what did. I changed my car the week my son was born (child number 3) and bought a 3 door A3! Did not go down well at home.

    Congratulations on the baby and welcome to the world of Audi.
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  6. Andy1608

    Andy1608 Active Member

    Congratulations,I bought an S3 in November and just told you partner we aren't having kids lol
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  7. nil538

    nil538 Active Member

    Congratulation mate on the baby and the car looks nice
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