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  1. flyingfocrs

    flyingfocrs New Member

    Hi all my name is Mike and I'm picking up our first Audi tomorrow.
    Couldn't find the right Mondeo to change out our current 2.2 Titanium X one with, so after popping into the local Audi place and test driving the car the deal was done on a 59plate 3.0TDi A5 Sportback S-lIne Quattro.
    We had looked at Q5's earlier in the year but didn't want to wait for brand new and couldn't find what we wanted in stock at the time.
    I'm a self confessed petrol head and missus has already warned me that uttering "fire up the quattro" will result in death! LOL
    The A5 is her daily drive and the family motor, I have the following other toys to keep me busy.:rock:
    My Daily Hack - Ford Ranger Wildtrak special edition
    Toy 1 - Corsa VXRacing special edition #338
    Toy 2 - Focus RS #1619
  2. S3RYE

    S3RYE Interior Next!!

    welcome to ASN!

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