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Fibre optic headliner

Stevie170 Nov 3, 2013

  1. Stevie170

    Stevie170 Member

    Hi all,

    been a member of this forum since I got my b7 in March, i thought I would speak up about an idea I have.

    i install high end fibre optic lighting such as starry ceilings and I make custom chandeliers and anything in between really. I am passionate about fibre optic lighting and the effects you can make.

    i want to do a project on a car with a black headliner. I would do my own but I'm too scared I will damage mine while taking it off, or if anyone is local and is a dab hand with taking headliners off and of course fitting them back, i would install fibre optics in mine and then do theirs for free if they like it .

    all this entails is taking a feed from cig lighter in boot to a small led which will have say 50 fibre optic tails fitted. The light then travels to the end of each fibre which would be threaded through the headliner in random positions creating a star ceiling effect. This uses very little power and you also have the option to upgrade from a single led to a illuminator box which has twinkle and colour changing effects.

    This is will look amazing and you will not be disappointed. So if anyone is willing to pop to my place and hang around for a couple of hours and transform the headliner of your car to pure class then give me a shout I live in South Shields near Newcastle. Alternatively you could send me It or I could travel (not too far) to your place and do it there.

    Anyway if you'd like to have a look at a few pictures of my work then add custom fibre optics on Facebook.



    ps the fibres are only 0.5mm thick so barely thicker than a human hair so you won't see loads of holes everywhere, Infact when not lit you won't even notice. I can also add remote key fobs for on/off .

  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    its been done before by a member on here
    i think the car in question is now up for sale
    theres a few pics around here somewhere.

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