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Fiat 20V Turbo

Ibzzzzz Apr 27, 2008

  1. andy2

    andy2 New Member

    Wow, nice to see another member of the Fiat Coupe Forum on here too! I've owned my 20V Turbo Coupe for over two years now and I love it to bits. I'm also a big fan of the S3 too and will probably get an S3 if I ever end up selling the Coupe.

    With an Italian car you expect the odd thing to go wrong, but in over two years the Coupe's never let me down once and is still a joy to drive. The coupe was not infact made by Fiat, but built by Pininfarina in their factory alongside the odd Ferrari. This means that the build quality on the Coupe is actually a lot higher that other lesser Fiats of the time.

    Fiat built several versions of the Coupe (16v, 16v Turbo, 20v) but the one to have has always been the 20v Turbo with 5 cylinder engine and 220hp as standard.

    The acceleration from the standard Coupe on boost is pretty savage - making it quicker than most of the new generation of hot hatches. Its a car with a pretty respectable 0-100 time of 14.5 secs, but its the way that it just keeps on pulling like a train at speeds way over 100mph that really impresses (on a private track of course). Its certainly a car that still brings a big smile to my face on every drive.

    I'm going to keep my coupe for a bit, but because I'm now doing much higher mileage for my business I'll probably need to change to something more hardy in the next year or so. Like the Fiat, you don't see many S3's around and that really appeals. I'm also a big fan of the way the S3 looks with those wider wheel arches and beefy bumpers.

    The S3's certainly not as characterful as the Fiat, or as fast, but then I kind of like its no-nonsense approach, rounded package, and Q car status. I'm sure when the time comes then I'll love my S3 just as much as I did my Fiat.
  2. paul_brad

    paul_brad Member

    what about alfa gtvs then everyone? Surprised no one has mentioned them in this thread. Maybe that's a whole 'nother thread...
  3. Bobass

    Bobass New Member

    Morning all. Congrats on a quality forum.

    I've been on here for a couple of weeks now, and picked up my S3 last week. Already saved £70 on fitting a new brake light switch, further to wisdom I found on here.

    I have come from an Alfa GTV - albeit the 2.0l T Spark - and considered the Fiat Coupe back when I bought the Alfa - I understood they weren't dissimilar cars?
    Obviously, with the S3, I've seriously upgraded speed, grip and build quality, but as the old girl sits outside my window (currently unsold :3sadwalk:) I must admit to still looking at her more fondly than the new S3.

    Maybe, I haven't grown to love the S3 just yet, but I'm sure I will never be quite so emotionally attached. The S3 munches up the road like a beast, but doesn't have the direct steering and feedback - or the noise. Although I do like the faint sound of the turbo spooling up.

    PS - Good condition Alfa Romeo GTV TSpark Atoll Blue 12monthsMOT, 5months tax - 135,500miles - £1,500 ono -- http://www.pistonheads.co.uk/sales/484250.htm
  4. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!! VCDS Map User

    good plug lol.......oh and welcome to the forum:laugh:
  5. paul_brad

    paul_brad Member

    I know what the 2.0 T Spark sounds like, and it's better than the S3...
    You're right to still be in love with the GTV over the S3 I think!
  6. Highwayman

    Highwayman Member

    That'll probably be me then MrB :salute:!

    Yes, I used to be a moderator on the FCCUK Forum, having owned a modified 20VT Coupe for the past three and a half years. MrB's post is spot on, but I can perhaps add a little more to the discussion on handling and performance, as mine has been used and abused on a number of track days :yes:.

    My car has had no expense spared over the time that I have owned it, including engine/turbo mods to get it up to over 300bhp, plus brake and handling upgrades. In it's best state of tune it was a pretty tidy handler, with reasonable brakes and a turn of speed that showed up many a car on track ;) . I have regularly been approached at track days to say that people didn't know that Coupes were so fast, and some of my fellow owners have literally blown people away with their performance (keeping up with a 911 was one of the more memorable occasions...)

    If I'm honest, I would agree with some of the comments about build quality, although for a 10 year old car, mine is pretty solid. The engines sound :eyebrows:, especially with a decat.

    I've decided to move on to an S3 now, but only because I'm looking to go down to a single car, and wanted something that was a cross between my everyday A3 and my weekend fun-machine. A sprint blue S3 8P was too much to resist in the end!


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